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Six Years After Release, Out There Gets Another Major Content Update

We recently learned that a sequel to the original Out There game, titled Oceans of Time, will make its way to gamers at some point in 2020. As a major fan of the original Out There title, I’m ridiculously pleased about this. This morning, though, the studio behind Out There announced a massive content update for the old Out There game, a total of six years after its initial release.
Inside, the developers have placed new stories, spaceships, and ending for the game. Additionally, you’ll find a new technology called The Cocoon, new mechanics for the game, as well as entirely new landing landscapes. Considering the game is six years old and work should be focused on their next title, this is ridiculously awesome.
Here’s the full chanelog.
What’s New in The Alliance
30 new interactive stories
3 new spaceships
1 new ending
1 new technology: The Cocoon
New achievements
Unlock new starting spaceships
1 new mechanics: Alien escort
16 new landing landscapes
Updated graphics
Technical Upgrades
Compatible with iPhone X screens
Optimized for recent Apple and Android devices
Achievements now working again on Google Play
Hundreds of bugs fixed on all platforms
The game is priced at just $1, so if you want to give it a shot, please do. This game has had my stamp of approval for over half of a decade.
Google Play Link