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Best Black Friday Deals: All the Nest Hub and Google Home Deals

Upgrading your smart home is typically a move you should only make during Black Friday weekend because you can buy multiple items to enhance the experience at the best prices of the year. That’s no different for 2019, where almost all of the Google Home and Google Nest products you want are discounted.We have deals on the new Nest Hub Max ($30 off), Nest Hub ($50 off), and Nest Mini ($20 off). All of the old Google Home units are super cheap too, like Google Home Max ($100 off), Google Home ($50 off), and original Google Home Mini for just $19.If you want other Nest products, including the new Nest WiFi, Nest Thermostat, or Nest Hello doorbell, you’ll find big price drops.We’ve got a number of quick links for you below, but you’ll find these prices almost anywhere that these products are sold. Feel free to shop around.Nest Hub Max at $199 ($30 off):Nest Hub at $79 ($50 off):Nest Mini at $29 ($20 off):Google Home Max at $199 ($100 off):Google Home at $49 ($50 off):Google Home Mini at $19 ($30 off):Nest Hello at $149 ($80 off):Nest WiFi singles ($20 off), 2-packs ($40 off), and 3-packs ($60 off) on sale:Nest Thermostat (3rd gen) at $179 ($70 off):SHOP ALL OF THE BEST BLACK FRIDAY 2019 DEALS